Worlds Without Number Exhibit

Heavenly Creation, Cosmic Wonder

Catalysis is the process of adding a catalyst to facilitate a reaction, producing material with new potential uses. In a sense that’s what the exhibit Worlds Without Number: God’s Infinite Creation does. Contributors have combined scientific and scriptural elements to create a new, uplifting experience for people of all faiths, backgrounds and beliefs. They expand the work of the scientific community to those seeking both scientific and religious answers to the design and purpose of the heavens, as well as inspiring youth toward scientific and spiritual discovery.

Building on the significant and valued contributions of a worldwide scientific community, discoveries made through the James Webb and Hubble Space Telescopes are now rewriting long-held assumptions about our universe and opening doors to new understanding. By adding religious truth and testimony we walk through those doors to even greater comprehension and appreciation of our purpose in life and the infinite and eternal design of an almighty God. It is spiritual learning that gives our secular learning purpose. 

Combined with the reverent setting of the Washington DC Temple Visitors’ Center, individuals and families have a unique venue in which to contemplate the vastness of the cosmos and the purpose of its creation. It’s an atmosphere for personal reflection, introspection and inspiration as we marvel at the majesty of the heavens and, for many, a loving God and Creator.

Bertel Thorvaldsen's Christus Statue in front of a dark blue mural of space and a light blue Earth and the pale moon at the North Visitors' Center on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In Proverbs 3:19 we learn: “The Lord by wisdom hath founded the earth; by understanding hath he established the heavens.” That suggests an important learning process—gaining knowledge through education that we might attain wisdom. By then applying correct principles our understanding evolves to help us most effectively contribute individual gifts and talents for the benefit of others. Through the Worlds Without Number: God’s Infinite Creation exhibit each of us can be inspired to expand our understanding of the heavens and more deeply appreciate a Savior and Exemplar who wants us to know that “You Matter to Him.”

The exhibit runs through October 31, 2024 at the Washington, DC Temple Visitors’ Center in Kensington, MD. All are welcome.

45,000 orange, yellow, and white galaxies sit in an inky black void, as seen through the James Webb Space Telescope.
This infrared image from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) shows a portion of the sky known as GOODS-South. More than 45,000 galaxies are visible here.

Robert W. Woodhead

Exhibit Creator and Producer

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