You Matter to Him Transcript

"You Matter to Him" Transcript

Auditorium Video Script — “You Matter to Him”

Excerpts of General Conference Remarks by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf

The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Receiving a Testimony of Light and Truth, October 2014

You Matter to Him, October 2011

Section 1 Preface

Throughout time there have been many who believe that God, our Heavenly Father, has done his work on the Earth, that he has revealed all that he plans to reveal to his children, or that he set things in motion and now watches history unfold from the remote heavens. Similarly, there have been many in the past who believed that mankind has learned all that there is to learn about the cosmos, that what remains for us to discover are mere details, and that there is little benefit in seeking to expand our knowledge.

Excerpt 1

“It was less than a century ago that most astronomers assumed that our Milky Way galaxy was the only galaxy in the universe. They supposed all that lay beyond our galaxy was an immense nothingness, an infinite void — empty, cold, and devoid of stars, light, and life.

“As telescopes became more sophisticated astronomers began to grasp a spectacular, almost incomprehensible truth: the universe is mind-bogglingly bigger than anyone had previously believed, that the heavens are filled with numberless galaxies, unimaginably far away from us, each containing hundreds of billions of stars.

 “The immensity of the universe didn’t suddenly change, but our ability to see and understand this truth changed dramatically. And with that greater light, mankind was introduced to glorious vistas we had never before imagined.”

Section 2 Preface

With the last century of discoveries about the universe, and how immense it is, many question that if God exists, why should He care at all about us? The universe is too large, and we are too small to matter, so what difference does it make how we live and what we do? Many abandon their beliefs and turn to the small causes of man to find some greater meaning in their lives. But, the Lord has revealed through his prophets that our eternal improvement is the great purpose of His work.

Excerpt 2

“And while we may look at the vast expanse of the universe and say, “What is man in comparison to the glory of creation?” God Himself said we are the reason He created the universe!

“The Lord doesn’t care at all if we spend our days working in marble halls or stable stalls. He knows where we are, no matter how humble our circumstances. He will use — in His own way and for His holy purposes — those who incline their hearts to Him.

“God knows that some of the greatest souls who have ever lived are those who will never appear in the chronicles of history. They are the blessed, humble souls who emulate the Savior’s example and spend the days of their lives doing good.

“His work and glory — the purpose of this magnificent universe — is to save and exalt mankind. In other words, the vast expanse of eternity, the glories and mysteries of infinite space and time are all built for the benefit of ordinary mortals like you and me. Our Heavenly Father created the universe that we might reach our potential as His sons and daughters.

“This is a paradox of man: compared to God, man is nothing; yet we are everything to God. While against the backdrop of infinite creation we may appear to be nothing, we have a spark of eternal fire burning within our breast. We have the incomprehensible promise of exaltation — worlds without end — within our grasp. And it is God’s great desire to help us reach it.”

Section 3 Preface

In moments of introspection, many have questioned their place in the universe. With all the people who have lived on the Earth, does God really care about me? Does He know who I am? What my struggles are? And what hopes and dreams I might have? If so, how can I know this to be true? As a young boy of fourteen, Joseph Smith asked these similar questions. He sought is Heavenly Father in prayer and received an answer that applies to us all, as ancient and modern prophets have testified:

Excerpt 3

“You are not invisible to your Heavenly Father. He loves you. He knows your humble heart and your acts of love and kindness. Together, they form a lasting testimony of your fidelity and faith.

“Be assured that if you but hold on, believe in Him, and remain faithful in keeping the commandments, one day you will experience for yourself the promises revealed to the Apostle Paul: “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”

“Brothers and Sisters, the most powerful Being in the universe is the Father of your spirit. He knows you. He loves you with a perfect love.

“God sees you not only as a mortal being on a small planet who lives for a brief season — He sees you as His child. He sees you as the being you are capable and designed to become. He wants you to know that you matter to Him.”