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मैं क्यों विश्वास करता हूँ | 21 अप्रैल 2024

21 अप्रैल @ 6:00 बजे - 7:00 बजे

Please join us in person or virtually via Facebook Live on April 21, 2024, at 6:00 P.M. for this unique Why I Believe Fireside with Howard and Heather McKeon.

Heather makes friends with all as she has served as a seminary teacher, Primary, Young Women and Relief Society President. She enjoys working with other charitable and religious organizations in her new calling as the DC South Director of Interfaith Outreach. When Heather has a spare moment, it is usually filled with running, reading, and FaceTiming her kids and grandbabies. Howard enjoyed his time serving the youth as a Young Men President and then later as a Bishopric 1st and 2nd counselor and High Counselor. He loves and has found a passion for working with the Young Single Adults. He was a YSA Bishop and is currently serving as the 1st Counselor in the Washington DC YSA South Stake Presidency. When Howard isn’t working, you can find him on the golf course or watching sports (specifically BYU sports and the KC Chiefs). Howard and Heather have been married for over 36 years and have four children that are married and living in four different states. They currently have five grandchildren with more on the way.

All are invited, so please bring along those who would enjoy this evening. This fireside will be in English. Interpretations in Spanish, French, Chinese, or ASL are available only if the Visitors’ Center senior missionaries are given a 48-hour notice in advance. Please send an email to wdcvisitorscenter@gmail.com for language accommodations.

आगंतुक केंद्र में सुबह 10:00 बजे से रात 9:00 बजे तक खुली रहने वाली प्रदर्शनी भी भक्ति से पहले और बाद में देखने के लिए उपलब्ध होगी। प्रत्येक प्रदर्शनी ईश्वर की योजना, प्रार्थना और अन्य उत्थानकारी विषयों और अनुभवों पर केंद्रित है।

हम दिसंबर को छोड़कर हर महीने के तीसरे रविवार को शाम 6:00 बजे "मैं विश्वास क्यों करता हूं" भक्ति कार्यक्रम आयोजित करेंगे।


तारीख: अप्रैल 21
6:00 बजे - 7:00 बजे
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